This is a handy website for keeping track of little in-game factoids that you might forget about otherwise. With this campaign it might be important to remember who the key NPCs are, what you’ve learned from them, and what their goals are. To see the NPCs you have already met or learned about, click on the characters tab. Feel free to update their pages with any information you want to add!

The Adventure Log tab is where you can update a log to detail what happened in each meeting. I will try to keep this fairly up-to-date, but players are welcome to edit or write up a log themselves as well, of course. You can also find your experience gained in each session in the adventure log for that session.

The wiki tab will lead you to the campaign’s wiki. Information on organizations, cities, and the like can be found here.

This is an interactive website! I encourage you guys to update it yourselves and check back for changes! Hopefully with this site, even if we go weeks in between sessions, it won’t be hard to keep up with plot development and secrets.

Happy wiki-ing!

~Your GM, miss Robinio Furio.

Of Politics and Persecution

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